The accommodations.


- Provides you lodging units that we design with you, adapting them to your necessities and the ones related to your more demanding campers. This process will incorporate sustainable and eco-efficiency rules that will help you to save costs while obtaining special and gorgeous designs.

- Because living surrounded by nature must to be a unique and distinctive experience, Campatge takes the essence and the singular elements of the first camping and we reinterpret them allowing your campers to enjoy in a comfortable way: the tents’ cover, sleeping in a attic like we did in these vans...They continue existing nowadays, but in other way.


  Singular design.

- Adaptable to different qualities and necessities.

- Capacity:  from 2PAX to 6PAX.

- Appropriated landscape integration.

- Modular system.

- Prefabricated.

- Completely finished.

- Assembly in one day.

- Without special transport.

- Use summer / winter (comfort pack).

- Eco-sustainable. High energy efficiency.

- In compliance with DB-HE’s requirements.

 Once you have chosen them or design them with our help, Campatge will organise them in your campsite appropriately.


Campatge, in addition:

- Offers you, if you need it, the advice to improve, renovate and/or extent the pre-existing elements of your campsite: the antique lodgings, the services and facilities buildings, etc. Campatge, following the same philosophy that we apply to our three intervention areas, will create a unique atmosphere to let your campers enjoy in a complete and satisfying way.


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Model M:

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