Energy management.

Campatge is interested in:

- To improve the facilities of your camping and to minimize its energy costs, which will allow you to reinvest these savings into improvements and get better its quality and profitability.

- To calculate and to minimize the carbon footprint. In this way you could obtain some recognitions, which are really appreciated for a great number of campers nowadays. It can be certificated not only by the EMAS (ECO-Management and Audit Scheme) but also by the  “Distintiu de Garantia de la Generalitat de Catalunya”,  the ECOLABEL or the GREEN KEY.

The programme that we suggest you to obtain energy efficiency and improvements related to your campsite’ sustainability has to be supported by three main points:

1. The management and the use.

2. The building envelope.

3. The facilities and systems.

The areas where it is necessary to focus on are:

- Energy efficiency related to your facilities.

- Water saving.

- Interior environmental quality.

- Waste management.

- Transportation management.

- Environmental information and education.