The landscape.

Campatge believes that:

- To go camping is living the day in a different way, with and inside the landscape.  

- A good camping has to be integrated in its surroundings, allowing their campers feel part of it. The camping’ spaces, tracks and designs have to give them the chance of enjoying an unforgettable stay with the nature as companion.

Campatge recuperates, recognises and orders these natural elements in order to integrate your campsite in its site while turning it into a unique landscape for your more demanding campers.

The main landscape measurements we can employ in your camping are:

  1. Study of the best location for your new tourist accommodation and/or expansion, and their implementation in its surroundings.
  2. The landscape integration of your new lodgings.
  3. The best organisation and improvements for your antique constructions and facilities (the store, the restaurant, the swimming-pool, the children’s playground, the sports spaces, the general services buildings…).
  4. The optimization of its green leisure areas, prioritizing the landscape and environmental evaluation.   
  5. Special care related to the planting selection: the trees, the shrubs and the flowers. 

“ Campatge enjoys when someone talks about a camping as a little village which has been seduced by a garden”.